PeeWee Catcher

If your bathroom looks like “the bad or the ugly”, then it’s time for a PeeWee Catcher!  Don’t let another day go by with your customers thinking that you run a dirty business!

Introducing the PeeWee Catcher!

  • Capture misguided urine any time, any place

  • Remains firmly in place at all times

  • Why replace your floors?  Protects your floors and grout from the damaging uric acid

  • Narrow base keeps feet comfortably on the floor and off the mat

  • Anti-microbial compound helps prevent foul odors

  • Disposable pad is changed as traffic dictates

  • PeeWee Catcher is ADA Compliant

How The PeeWee Catcher Happened…

I was at the club one Saturday evening and stepped into the mens’ room.  It looked like a pipe had burst. The floor was nasty.  While watching people trying to avoid the mess, I thought that there must be a better solution to handle that nasty situation.

That night as I slept, my brain was spinning. How to fix this really bad situation?  I  woke up in the middle of night and the design was there in my mind. I ran to the kitchen and quickly sketched the core design that we are still using today with only slight improvements to enhance the concept.  

The biggest obstacle we faced was finding the right material to conform to the floor and not slide or move on a variety of surfaces.  After many months, numerous prototypes, and extensive material testing, we have the perfect solution.