Woofie PeeWee Catcher

Gotta Go?  We’ve Got You Covered

Introducing the Woofie PeeWee Catcher,
your dog’s (and your) new best friend!
  • Secure: No Movement, No Sliding
  • All Alone Protection
  • Family Late From Work? No Worries
  • Travel Friendly
  • Pet-Safe Material
Can also be used in boats, RVs and training cages… anywhere you need a secure place for your puppy to go potty!
Order yours today using the secure form below.  Questions?  Email us at info@peeweecatcher.com

I had tried dozens of different puppy pads, and got the same results from all of them.  I would come home and the puppy pad would NOT be in the same place I put it when I left, it would be torn to pieces, and I would have to go on a scavenger hunt throughout the house to locate my puppies “oopsie”.  When I got my Woofie PeeWee Catcher, it was so easy to use.  It was always in the same spot I left it because of the fact that it can’t move. Thank you Woofie PeeWee Catcher, I will continue to buy from you!

–  Charles W., Houston, TX

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Questions?  Email Us At info@peeweecatcher.com

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